Want glass skin? Here are the secrets behind this J-beauty influencer’s iconic glow

April 2, 2024

Welcome back to Well Connected’s Skincare Seven, where we pull back the curtain on some of our favorite creators to learn their deepest, darkest skincare secrets in just seven questions. This month, we sat down with skinfluencer Yuri Lee, whose out-of-this-world glow—and tips for how to get it—keep us glued to her feed. Combining ancient skincare traditions from her childhood in Japan with cutting-edge treatments and products, Yuri’s holistic approach to beauty sets her apart from the rest. But it doesn’t stop there—her educational content also features gua sha tutorials, lifestyle upgrades for your best skin ever and so much more. Read on to learn all her secrets…

Dr. Murad believes that skin health is tied to whole body health. What are your top 3 non-product related tips for healthy skin?

Beauty sleep! I go to bed by 10:30PM every night.

Prioritize gut health. I drink celery juice every morning for better digestion.

Reduce processed foods. I’m not perfect, but I always try to eat using the 80/20 rule: 80% healthy whole foods and whatever I crave for the remaining 20%. 

You grew up in Japan. What beauty rituals from there have stuck with you throughout your life?

Taking a bath every single day. This is true Japanese culture; people take a bath every single day. There are more than 20,000 hot springs in Japan—bathing is literally a hobby and lifestyle there.

Most Japanese people take a bath or shower at night because it’s relaxing, relieves muscle tension and helps you sleep better at night. 

Dr. Murad believes stress can have a negative effect on your skin. How do you manage your own stress levels?

Going for walks! I take 10,000 steps every day. It clears my mind and lets my body breathe in some fresh air.

I also meditate every morning. It helps to set my good intentions for the day and reminds me to focus on the positive.  

In a recent reel, you said beauty treatments account for 20% of having great skin, while 40% is consistency with skincare and the last 40% is lifestyle. What are some things from each category that contribute to your glass skin?

For treatments, I love a chemical peel. My favorite one is BioRePeel. 

When it comes to products, I regularly use retinoids and a Vitamin C serum. I focus on “skin flooding” and always wear and reapply SPF.

The number one lifestyle thing you can do to help your skin is eat a healthy diet. That means mostly eating whole foods and limiting the  processed stuff.

What’s your take on collagen supplements: Scam or skin savior?

I don’t use them. I prefer to get nutrition from whole foods instead of supplements when possible. My favorite choices for collagen-rich foods are chicken feet (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) beef bone marrow and bone broth.

Talk to us about gua sha! What are the benefits you see from it and how often do you do it? What are some tips for how to do it correctly for maximum results?

It’s amazing for less water retention and muscle tension—I do it every morning. Make sure you massage your lymphatic nodes before starting the Gua Sha. And don’t underestimate scalp massage! Here’s a quick tutorial.

People often overlook their under-eye area, especially when it comes to applying retinoids. How do you keep your eyes looking fresh and awake and care for the skin under them?

Be gentle with the eye area; avoid rubbing too hard while cleansing or applying products. And use a retinal based eye cream! Since I turned 37 recently, I prefer corrective products over  preventative products. This one is a true gem since it had encapsulated retinal, which corrects the signs of eye aging while being gentle on the delicate eye area. 

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