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Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh is a fertility specialist residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Practicing for over 15 years, she has a specialization in egg freezing and IVF and has vast experience in helping people over 35 realize their dreams of growing their family. Her focus is on finding the sweet spot of where science and patient care meet, and empowering people to better understand their fertility. She is also the host of the popular podcast, The Egg Whisperer Show.
Katie Sturino
October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, which is why we chose entrepreneur, author and body acceptance advocate Katie Sturino as guest editor. Using her fun, unapologetic voice and style on social media to raise awareness for size inclusivity and to empower women of all sizes, Katie’s viral content has attracted global attention with her work appearing in Elle, W, Marie Claire and more. As a first-time author (she recently released Body Talk,) Katie is all about getting people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.
Dr. Zion Ko Lamm
Zion Ko Lamm, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine specialist and social media skinfluencer, who has been featured in Vogue, Allure and Shape. She entered social as an outlet to the stressors and uncertainties of working in outpatient COVID clinics. Dr. Ko Lamm started sharing videos on Instagram and TikTok about all things skincare—from debunking trends to honest product reviews. An immigrant from South Korea, she also features frequent cameos of her Korean mom, who is living proof that sunscreen, facial massages and a good skincare routine work.
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