J-Beauty vs. K-Beauty: Do you know the differences? (You really should)

May 4, 2024

Why do some Japanese men refuse to use skincare? Why is plastic surgery so prevalent in Korea? And what do hot springs and spas have to do with skincare? In this episode of “Why is No One Talking About…”, we take an inside look at the top recommendations, ancient traditions and philosophies behind Japanese and Korean beauty. Listen as Japanese makeup artist (and Buddhist monk!) Kodo Nishimura (@kodomakeup) and Korean skinfluencer Ava Lee (@glowwithava) break down the differences, similarities and product obsessions of each beauty culture. Want to be in the loop on all things skin? Be sure to check out wellconnected.murad.com

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Born in Seoul and raised in Shanghai, two of biggest beauty capitals of the world, skincare and wellness were ingrained in Ava Lee from an early age. Needing a creative outlet from her job in finance, she launched the social media account @glowwithava to share her passion and knowledge of skincare and beauty with the world. From teaching her fans how to do at-home facial massage to sharing traditional Chinese tea recipes to achieve #jelloskin, Ava is a source of inspiration and education for those looking to start their own skincare journeys.