A beloved home decor influencer reveals how to make your skin look as good as your living space

February 29, 2024

Welcome back to Well Connected’s Skincare Seven, where we pull back the curtain on some of our favorite creators to learn their deepest, darkest skincare secrets in just seven questions. This month, we’re featuring one of our favorite home decor influencers, Samantha Klein, whose dreamy, pastel house is the epitome of eye candy. Since we know that stress directly affects skin health, we love that she’s focused on making her home a zen zone, chock-full of creature comforts and cozy nooks at every turn. Another reason we’re fans? She’s known for being real when it comes to skin struggles, whether it’s a rosacea flareup or an honest review of a new treatment. Ready to learn Samantha’s skincare secrets? Read on…

Dr. Murad believes that skin health is tied to whole body health. What are your top 3 non-product related tips for healthy skin?

1. Sleep. Do whatever you can to get 6-8 hours every night, but don’t be hard on yourself if you fail. Make sure your pillows and sheets are as comfy as possible and keep an eye mask handy.

2. Consistency with skincare. Take care of your skin every night, even if you’re exhausted or insist that your face is basically clean already.

3. Eat a couple of fruits and veggies every day. I’m admittedly not great at drinking tons of water, but I find that eating water-rich foods like berries and cucumbers help give me the same advantages.

You have a knack for organizing things to look beautiful, but there’s also a consideration for functionality. How do you keep your skincare organized?

I actually was super unorganized with my skincare until last month when I got this 3-tiered organizer. This way I can see everything and it makes it easy to remember every step in my daily routine—not just skincare and SPF, but things like mouthwash too. It’s helped me to use way less brain power when I’m getting ready in the morning.

Dr. Murad believes stress can have a negative effect on your skin. How do you manage your own stress levels?

I feel the most stressed in the evenings, so I try to start winding down earlier to relax myself. I take nightly baths and make gratitude lists, even in my head if I don’t have time to grab my journal.

I’m really sensitive so I dim the lights after dinner and try to watch only comforting movies and TV at night—I save the scary stuff for daytime viewing!

Not every night can be calming and perfect though, and that’s okay. I think giving yourself grace is the biggest secret to diminishing stress and anxiety.


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In a recent reel, you mentioned that making your home a place you love was a mental health response to COVID, and that simply being there makes you happier. What are some easy ways to make a home more joyful?

My number one is always bringing flowers into your space. Grab a couple of bunches at the supermarket and make your own arrangement. It’s so much fun and the best way to tune out for a bit! I feel the same way about lighting a few candles around your home. It just makes you feel good.

On a bigger scale, decorate with colors and pieces that make you feel happy. This doesn’t have to be a full renovation—create or thrift a piece of art with your favorite colors, get a mug that makes you smile when you drink your morning coffee or move around some furniture or art you already have until it feels cozier.


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You love a good lash lift. What other things do you do to keep your eyes looking their best?

It’s true—I love getting regular lash lifts so I can wake up looking ready for the day with minimal makeup. I’ve also been eyeing this overnight retinoid eye cream.

I also make sure to clean my glasses and sunglasses every week because I’ve gotten so many nose bridge and eye area breakouts from forgetting to do this!

As a creator, you’re on camera a lot. How has this impacted your skincare journey?

I’m lucky that i can sort of hide behind the camera a lot in my work. But I do try to be honest about what I’m going through and have shared a lot about my rosacea journey. It’s nice to be able to to connect with people who are battling similar skin stresses as you!

Most people don’t have time for 10-step skincare routines, so we’re dying to know- what’s the one product you use every single day and why?

In general, I’m more of a 2-4 step routine person. When I’m having a bad moment with my rosacea, I completely eliminate all skincare and just wash my face with a gentle cleanser twice a day. My skin really appreciates simplicity!

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