Their deepest skincare secrets revealed: 7 questions with this self-made TikTok skinfluencer

October 4, 2023

Welcome to Well Connected’s Skincare Seven, where we pull back the curtain on some of our favorite influencers to find out their deepest, darkest skincare and wellness secrets in just seven questions. First up? Matteo Randon, an esthetician and skinfluencer who refers to himself as “your beauty fairy godmother.” We fell in love with Matteo’s content for its lol-factor, but what really hooked us was his inclusive approach, real talk and seemingly endless knowledge of skincare. Also? He’s a bona fide Murad fan. What’s not to love? Here, Matteo’s Skincare Seven.

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Tell us about your history and relationship with skincare. When did you get into it? Why?

When I was a teenager, I had bad acne. This was back in the early 2000s, when skincare wasn’t as accessible as it is now. I had no clue what I was doing; I was using toothpaste on my acne, which wasn’t working and burned my skin. My dermatologist gave me benzoyl peroxide, which also didn’t work for my skin type. It was a long road, but now I know that retinol is what works for me. 

I started my social page to help other people on their skincare journeys. I’m so happy to provide accessible information and resources to help others treat their skin concerns. 

What’s the craziest, most extreme beauty treatment you’ve ever tried?

Non-surgical? JK! All jokes aside, in Istanbul and went into a pressurized oxygen chamber which was meant to help my skin and hair. Basically, it’s like you’re in a submarine and they crank up the oxygen and you wear a mask to help you breathe. The boost in oxygen is meant to increase blood flow to the skin and scalp. It didn’t really work, but that’s maybe because I just did it once. I bet after a few more sessions I’d notice a difference. 

Dr. Murad believes that skin health is tied to whole body health. What’s the best non-product related tip you have for keeping your skin glowing?

This is very over the top, but I keep the blinds in my house down during the day to shield and protect me from the sun. Otherwise, I’d need to wear sunscreen all over my entire body. I know it’s extra, so if you’re not willing to go to that extreme, stay away from windows, especially if you work from home. Be aware of your environment and where you’re sitting for long hours. 

What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your skincare routine in the last year?

I started using fewer actives all at once. Some brands promote layering a bunch of hero ingredients, but that encourages you to use so many products at the same time. I was doing that, and my skin was not happy.

Now I focus on one product that contains a lot of ingredients, but is formulated in a gentler way so I don’t get irritated. My skin has calmed down and is more even looking. 

Dr. Murad believes stress can have a negative effect on your skin. How do you manage your stress levels?

If you feel like you have constant anxiety and/or stress, the best thing you can do is talk to a doctor, because you might be a person who can benefit from anti-anxiety medication. That’s what really helped me.

For managing stress caused by your work or a specific event in your life, meditating can help a lot. Frequency meditations are my favorite for centering and calming. 

As much as we don’t want to admit it, winter is coming. What’s your best tip for switching up your skincare for the colder months?

Crank up the actives and use thicker moisturizersIf you want to start trying retinol, glycolic acid or other chemical exfoliants, winter is the time to start. In the summer, you’re more exposed to the sun, so you don’t want to use strong actives that make your skin even more sensitive. 

Even if you have oily skin, use a thicker moisturizer. Don’t be afraid that it’ll cause acne or clog your pores—those are most likely caused by other factors.   

What’s a skincare trend you wish would go away?

None! I enjoy trends. Theyre a way to help us try new stuff. There might be a skincare trend that won’t work for you, but could be amazing for other people. For example, slugging doesn’t work for me because I have acne-prone skin, but it could seriously help people with dry skin. Be open to new trends, because you never know what you might like.

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