What is ‘emotional skincare’ and why do you need it? Your 6-step regimen to this unexpected type of skincare routine

February 12, 2023

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Research has shown that an “attitude of gratitude”—acknowledging and appreciating all the good in your life—is one of the quickest routes to happiness. But did you know it can also be an important part of a healthy skincare routine? When you’re thankful and brimming with gratitude, it shows on your face. For example, when you’re stressed or can’t sleep, that can affect your skin negatively, right? That’s why I call gratitude “emotional skincare.” Here are my favorite ways of cultivating gratitude every day: 

Tell all your friends.

When you express your gratitude and appreciation to someone in your life, you not only make them feel good, but you also increase your own happiness as well.

Keep a gratitude journal.

In a study I was involved with, one group of participants wrote the story of their lives focusing on the hardships and injustices, while another group recounted the story of their lives focusing on the triumphs and blessings. Guess which group emerged from the study happier?

Live in the now.

Focus on the present and think about the things you’re grateful for—the people you love, your pets, your morning coffee, anything that makes you smile. Of course sometimes you can’t help but worry about the future, however you just need to remember things that bring you happiness in the moment.   

Don’t doom scroll.

Front-page news can be depressing, so mix up your reading material with a dose of  positivity. Take a few minutes each morning and night to read something inspirational, like a poem, affirmation or inspirational saying.

Write thank you notes.

While they might seem like an old-fashioned formality, thank you notes bring happiness to both the letter writer and the receiver. It’s something tangible you can literally hold onto.

See challenges as opportunities.

When my first infomercial decades ago didn’t work out as I thought it would, I didn’t think of it as a failure, but rather an opportunity to learn from my mistake and try again. My second infomercial was a remarkable success! Without that glass half-full attitude, I might not have gotten back on the horse. So, when challenges arise, a change in perspective could be all you need to turn things around.

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