Is it cool to be anxious? Is social media glamorizing depression? A look at why mental health might be ‘trendy’ now

December 9, 2022

With social media often dictating culture—from skin and body positivity movements to normalizing formerly stigmatized mental health conditions—is the proliferation of popular meme accounts glorifying anxiety, depression and the “sad girl” persona? Is social media rightly celebrating mental health, or unnecessarily causing more of it? Join host Alison Haislip as she chats with lifestyle influencer Samantha Klein (@samswhurld) and therapist Shani Tran (@theshaniproject) to answer all these questions and more. For more wellness stories like this, be sure to check out  

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Shani Tran is a therapist and author of the book “Dope Therapy: A Radical Guide to Owning Your Therapy Journey.” She has been featured in Teen Vogue, Forbes, USA Today and The New York Times for her work in the mental health field. Shani strives to create a safe place for all people to own their mental health journey.