5 well-being habits of a beloved entrepreneur and body inclusivity advocate: What Katie Sturino does every. Single. Day.

October 27, 2021
Wake up early, meditate and caffeinate.

I wake up around 6AM every day and meditate for 2-5 minutes using the Insight Timer or the MyLife Meditation app. I don’t hold myself to a longer time limit because I want to be able to do it every day and if I make it longer, I won’t. It helps me get centered and zen since the rest of the day is usually non-linear and all over the place. 

At 7AM, I take my dog, Cheese, on a walk to our local coffee shop, which is my favorite part of the day. It’s special quiet time where I’m not working, don’t have to post anything and can just relax. 

Make an *actual* schedule for work and play.

After my coffee walk, I come home at 8AM and start working, usually until 6PM. I work from home, so it’s important I keep my apartment like an office during these hours—no TV and no working from bed! After work, my husband and I make or order dinner and spend the evenings together.  

Since we’ve been home so much because of the pandemic, we spend a lot of our time watching movies. To keep things interesting, we made a media schedule where we set certain nights of the week for different kinds of movies. Fridays are foreign movie night, Saturdays are for mystery movies, Tuesdays are action night. It keeps things interesting, helps us avoid the dreaded remote tug-of-war, and we don’t waste all that time doing the infinite Netflix scroll.  

Know your strengths and surround yourself with great people.

Being a business owner and influencer, I have two full-time jobs. People always ask me how I manage bothand the secret is that I surround myself with people who handle the operational parts of running a business that aren’t my forté (like billing and Excel spreadsheets,) so that I can shine at what I do best (like product development, branding, marketing, PR and partnership ideas). Right from the start, I knew building a team of amazing people to help run things was going to be the key to my success.

Only follow people who make you feel good.

If you’re mindful about curating your IG feed, it can be a powerful tool for positivity. Just seeing images of a woman proud of who she is—as she is—can give you a subliminal confidence boost. I started my #supersizethelook series as a result of the reaction I was getting from my followers who saw me posting celebrity style inspiration and commenting they loved it, but it was only for thin women. It’s powerful to see my body, which is a size 18-20, next to the body of a size 0-2 woman, demonstrating that both can have great style. They key is that it’s never about who wore it betterthere’s no body shaming at alljust a great example of how fashion can be fun for everyone.  

Go to bed early.

As soon as the clock hits 9PM, it’s lights out. There are times my husband and I look at each other at 8:50 and say, “We gotta wait until 9, right?” Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night is what keeps me sharp, productive and healthy 

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October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, which is why we chose entrepreneur, author and body acceptance advocate Katie Sturino as guest editor. Using her fun, unapologetic voice and style on social media to raise awareness for size inclusivity and to empower women of all sizes, Katie’s viral content has attracted global attention with her work appearing in Elle, W, Marie Claire and more. As a first-time author (she recently released Body Talk,) Katie is all about getting people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.