Supplements as skincare: 5 surefire ways to make taking beauty/wellness supplements a habit

May 31, 2022

Remember to consult a medical professional before starting any supplement regimen, if you have any questions!

So you caved and bought that bottle of supplements you’ve been seeing all over social media and TV. Problem is, you forget about them every other day. Follow these 5 tips to make taking supplements second nature because—surprise!—they’re only effective if you *actually* take them. 

(And ICYMI: We at Murad have launched our own skincare supplements, which are clinically proven to show results after just 1 bottle—but again, only if you *actually* take them as recommended.)  

Focus on food.

In addition to creating a routine, timing supplements with meals can help increase absorption and help them go easier on your stomach. 

Let’s get digital.

Set an actual notification or meeting marker to take your supplements at the same time all 7 days of the week. 

Create your own travel packs.

Keep portable pill packs in your bag or backpack so skin health is always at the ready.  

Don’t run out!

Don’t’ let a delivery gap stop your progress! Schedule auto-delivery when adding to cart and we’ll deliver your next bottle before you can say, “My bottle is empty!” 

Think about the end game.

Supplements are a journey—not a sprint! Track results with before and after pics. Consistency is essential, and patience is incredibly (and visibly) rewarding.  

More about supplements as skincare here:   

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