Try this: ‘My approach to skincare not only involves products, but also saying YES to life choices that make me happy,’ says beauty entrepreneur and body-positivity activist Katie Sturino

October 12, 2021

As the founder of beauty brand Megababe, I’m constantly asked what my ride-or-die products are. The truth (which always shocks people) is that I don’t play favorites when it comes to products. My approach to skincare not only involves products, but also saying YES to life choices that make me happy. And it’s this approach that’s far more important than the actual formulas I’m using. Here are the 6 beauty philosophies that I follow religiously:  

Exfoliate every day. 

I live in New York City, so exfoliating my skin on the regular is a must. I use a gentle physical scrub every night to help my skin reset after a day of absorbing dirt and grime. Just make sure whichever exfoliator you choose is meant for daily use.  

Hydration or bust.

A fully hydrated face is my whole vibe, so there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid followed by an oil to keep me looking dewy and fresh-faced, even without makeup on. 

Pay lip service.

If we’re being real (and we always are!), my lips have lost pigmentation over the years and blend into the color of my face, so I have a big appreciation for lip colors. My current obsession is this poppy fuchsia shade.  

Chafing is not ok.

There’s nothing worse than thigh chafing—I even developed and launched a product to combat that exact issue. Wearing dresses and shorts used to be problematic for me, so now I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without Thigh Rescue stick in the summer.  

Facials forever.

I stopped getting facials during the pandemic, but just started going back and oh my god, did I miss them! I go to a woman named Karen at Sia’s in Soho, NYC. I’ve had fancy facialwith tools and lasers and the works, but it’s too much. Karen does the basics and leaves me looking amazing.

Say YES. Then say it again.

This is actually my most important beauty tip of all. My skin is more radiant than ever thanks to the liberating feeling of saying YES to things that I used to think weren’t for me, like going to a fashion show or wearing shorts.  

I hear from women all the time who thank me for showing them that yes, they can wear a bikini. Yes, they can join a dating app. And yes, they can wear sleeveless shirts even though they feel too big to do so. (Which inspired my “I want to wear this but…” series on Instagram). Challenging the rules we’ve set for ourselves and calling BS on the lies we tell ourselves will give you a fierce glow that I bet can compete with any skincare product out there.

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October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, which is why we chose entrepreneur, author and body acceptance advocate Katie Sturino as guest editor. Using her fun, unapologetic voice and style on social media to raise awareness for size inclusivity and to empower women of all sizes, Katie’s viral content has attracted global attention with her work appearing in Elle, W, Marie Claire and more. As a first-time author (she recently released Body Talk,) Katie is all about getting people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.