The skincare journal of a cult-loved artist: Minimalism, zen vibes and a healthy dose of SPF

September 16, 2021

Genetically, I’ve been blessed with great skin—my grandfather is 85 and his skin is amazing. Thanks to that, exercising, eating well and tending to my mental health, I think I’m getting better with age, and it’s cool to be evolving!  When I think of beauty, confidence is the first word that comes to mind. I’m impressed by Gen Z and how they’re changing the game of beauty ideals. Growing up, I lacked confidence because I had acne and didn’t know how to style my hair. Gen Z’ers are showing the world that while we all may have things we don’t 100% love about ourselves, true beauty is about leaning into your quirks and revealing your true self.   

My skinimalist routine. 

I take a lot of pride in not doing too much to my skin, so my routine is minimal, but every step is integral to always feeling my best:

  • Cleanse: I wash my face every day and night, but I don’t always use cleanser. When my skin is feeling dry or irritated, I’ll use a face cloth with warm water to clear away surface-level dirt.  
  • Hydrate: I have dry skin, so I always follow up with a moisturizer.  
  • Protect: One non-negotiable in my routine is SPF. Protecting my skin from the sun is the top priority. I feel like a lot of people may not realize this, but for people of color, protecting your skin is crucial.   
  • Destress: Even though this technically isn’t a skincare step, in the evenings I wind down with ASMR videos by Lune Innate. Her YouTube has a wealth of auditory and visual relaxation sessions that I’d recommend to anyone who finds it hard to focus or relax. The videos are an integral part of my routine because they help me sleep, and beauty sleep is real!   

My skinimalist essentials. 

  • Moisturizer: I’ve been using one that’s specifically marketed to men, which is weird, because skincare should be universal. It feels tingly and great on my face, so I use it despite what the packaging says.  
  • Deodorant: I’m constantly working on the pottery wheel and sweating a lot, so I need a deodorant that really works. This one by Salt & Stone is natural and smells amazing.  
  • SPF: I go for lightweight ones you don’t feel on your skin and that don’t leave a white cast.  
  • Golde face masks: This is a black-owned business that makes divine superfood supplements and skincare. I try to be conscious about my purchasing power and where I spend my dollars.  

My skinimalist approach to beauty in social media.  

The infinite scroll of social media can be overwhelming—especially in the skincare space—so I need to be discerning about what I’m consuming. So, just like with my routine, I try to keep it simple: Stay true to myself and my values, do my due diligence on who and where it’s coming from, and above all, find the joy in it.  

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Lalese Stamps is a ceramicist and founder of Lolly Lolly Ceramics. Beloved for handmade work that feels intimate, authentic and inviting, she's garnered a cult following on social media, and her "functional yet display-worthy" art has been featured in British Vogue, Architectural Digest and The New York Times. As a brand whose founder, Dr. Howard Murad, swears by the healing, self-care power of art, we couldn’t think of a better guest editor for Well Connected.