The Body Positivity Movement Takes Over, From Skincare to Stress Relief

November 1, 2021

“There’s no morality in size,” says writer, model and body positivity advocate Charlotte Zoller. FACTS. Listen in as she and guest host Kim Marshall of the Global Wellness Institute chat about size inclusivity for mental and physical wellness—from Charlotte’s Teen Vogue column “Ask a Fat Girl,” to doctor’s visits becoming minefields for fat people, to skincare as self-care to help alleviate discrimination-based stress. Plus, be sure to visit for more skin wellness stories from truly legit experts.

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Charlotte Zoller is a writer, digital creator, model and creative consultant based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Pitchfork, Vice and Teen Vogue, where her recurring column, "Ask A Fat Girl," explores living life in a larger body. Most recently, Charlotte starred in Old Navy's BODEQUALITY campaign, which promotes the brand’s commitment to size inclusivity.