Geeking out on skincare: 7 minutes with a product developer about the almighty skincare ‘base’

December 28, 2021

All your lotions, potions and more have this in it. (And if they don’t, you should probably check why not.) What is it, you ask? The all-important skincare base. It’s the literal foundation of products, affecting everything from efficacy to experience to eco-consciousness. Murad’s head of research and development, Andrew Koenig, takes us behind the scenes of how chemists formulate with bases to create skincare magic. Be sure to visit for more science-based, skin-wellness stories.

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Andrew Koenig is head of research and development at Murad Skincare. A leader in the field of formula and product development, he has 25+ years of experience, working with many skincare, haircare and cosmetics brands, which is why he is so passionate in formula development and loves educating consumers on the science of formulating. He holds an MBA, as well as a B.A. in biology.