Want to work in the beauty industry? Here’s one product developer’s inspiring story about how learning to love her skin led to her dream job

February 28, 2022

It’s the kind of story you hear about in the movies: After struggling with acne for her entire life, Kristen Robinson discovered Murad Skincare, and it solved her acne concerns. She was so grateful that she knew she just had to work at the brand. Listen as Kristen explains how she stopped at nothing to get her foot in the door as a product developer—including just walking into HQ to drop off an unsolicited resume. Plus, get all her tips for landing your dream job in beauty. (Spoiler alert: Unabashed boldness is a pre-requisite.) For even more inspiring stories like this, be sure to visit wellconnected.murad.com.

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Kristen Robinson is the Senior Director of new product development at Murad Skincare. In her role she helps create award-winning skincare from concept to production. Kristen’s passion for skincare stems from her own skin issues; after struggling with acne throughout her teenage/young adult years and feeling uninspired by the products that existed, she went on a personal quest to help solve acne issues for all—and does just that with the efficacious, innovative formulas she helps dream up at Murad.