A neuroscientist explains how hydration affects our skin—and brain

June 8, 2021

In our debut episode, guest host Candace Reels, founder of @FemaleCollective, talks with neuroscientist Dr. Yewande Pearse about what happens to our bodies—including skin health and mental well-being—when we’re dehydrated. Trust us, this one’s going to make you reach for that glass of water!

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The past year-plus has likely made all of us consider what actually matters in life—aka our "purpose." That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Candace Reels, founder of Female Collective (a 1 million-strong community that empowers the feminine spirit), as our guest editor for March 2021, in honor of Women’s History Month. An expert in self-love and an intersectional feminist, Candace spills on finding purpose, physical health and more.