Confused about blue light protection? Curious about ceramides? 4 skincare products you never knew you needed (but probably do)

October 27, 2021

If the last year or so has taught us anything, it’s that it’s OK to take more time for self-care—including our skincare routines, of course. Here are 4 top-shelf picks to add to more advanced skincare routines. 

Products targeting blue light and pollution.

Be honest—had you even really thought about blue light pre-2020? (It’s okay if the answer is no.). Simply put, blue light—scientifically known as high energy visible (HEV) light—comes not only from the sun’s UV rays, but also from the screens of your tech devices. So, while screen time has been at an all-time high, it’s been leading to damage like that from UV rays (AKA signs of skin aging like fine lines and hyperpigmentation).  

Wondering how you can fight the effects of blue light and pollution? Be sure you’re adding an SPF to your regimen, even if you’re just sitting in your house! Look for ingredients like lutein (an antioxidant carotenoid from marigold flowers that enhances protection by helping to defend against blue light), iron oxides (which help protect skin from infrared radiation) and a polymer matrix (which blocks adhesion and penetration of toxic pollutants). 

Formulas to improve weakened skin barrier.

When it comes to the skin barrier, pretty much all you need to know is that it’s a barrier to keep good stuff in and bad stuff out. A weakened skin barrier can come as a result of many factors, like cold weather or fragrance, and results in rednessdryness and itching. One of the most important skincare must-haves for the skin barrier is the inclusion of shea butter in your products, since it helps deeply moisturize while sealing moisture in and preventing water loss and dehydration. Look for a thicker cream (perfect for evening routines) to help create a shield between your skin and outside elements. 

Eczema and rosacea treatments.

If you’ve noticed skin flareups related to stress, you may be experiencing eczema or rosacea, which calls for products specifically formulated to help soothe skin. Look for products with microalgae extract, which can help calm visible signs of stress (like expression lines) and mirabilis jalapa plant extractwhich soothes irritation and redness.  


Beyond topical products, you may want to consider internal skincare to further guard skin from free-radical damage, breakouts and more. Supplements can include skin-beneficial nutrients such as zinc, which can help reduce skin irritation, and pomegranate seed extract, which can provide additional antioxidant protection. And of course, always best to consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen.