Acne academy, part 4: The all-important cleanser and what to consider when choosing one

January 31, 2022

While the act of cleansing is somewhat forgettable (it’s instinct at this point, right?), it deserves recognition as quite possibly the holy-grail step for clearer skin. Here, some quick considerations to remember: 

But first, a brief reminder of why is facial cleansing so important 

Every day, dirt, dead skin cells, air pollution, makeup, sunscreen and oils collect on our skin, and the only way to really eliminate that debris is cleansing. Cleansers are packed with ingredients that literally lift away all the gunk. They also clear the way for toners, serums, treatments and moisturizers that would otherwise be blocked and thus unable to deliver their promised skin benefits. 

Finding the best face wash for acne-prone skin 

When choosing an acne cleanser, ingredients are critical (see the other stories in this series for more info), don’t forget that feel and form can be just as important. Typically, the choice is between gel and cream. 

If you have drier skin, consider a cream-based acne cleanser. Dealing with both acne and dry skin simultaneously can be tricky, and cream-based cleansers are usually stacked with hydrating ingredients that infuse skin with hydration that can counter the potentially drying effects of acne-fighting salicylic acid. 

If you’re oilier, a gel-based acne cleanser can be your best bet. Gel cleansers tend to have a foaming action, which acne-prone types enjoy because it looks like it’s “working.” Look for gel cleansers that include soothing ingredients like green tea extract

Of course cleansers are just the beginning—a complete acne regimen that includes a face exfoliatortoner and moisturizer will help keep skin clear, healthy and balanced.  

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