Want to turn your skincare routine into deliberate, joyful moments that ignite your senses? Yes, please! Here’s how…

July 11, 2021

To me, all beauty rituals are the ultimate form of self-care. When I do something to take care of myself, internally I’m saying, “I deserve this.” I’m taking the time, space and energy to do something for my wellbeing. When you believe you deserve it, that’s the hallmark of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-mastery. In turn, we increase our positivity and resilience, which are key for an optimistic mindset and glass-half-full view on life. 

For example, every night when I wash my face, I repeat the same sanskrit mantra out loud. It’s a ritual I’ve had most of my life, and I distinctly remember what prompted it. When I was 7, I was scared to sleep alone at night, so my sister taught me this mantra, which we would say to each other across the hall, until I fell asleep. 

After doing that for a few weeks, I started associating it as a calming and relaxing habit, so I began repeating it every time I washed my face. I didn’t realize it at the time, but by pairing something emotional (my sister’s mantra) with something physical (washing my face), I was creating a calming ritual that continues to stay with me. 

Another beauty ritual I’ve developed is my morning face mist. It’s simple: When my 4-year-old son wakes up, we mist our faces together. It doesn’t matter what kind of mist—we have a bottle in every room. It’s hydrating, invigorating and makes my skin glow—plus, I get quality bonding time with my son. Every night, I look forward to our face-misting moment in the morning. 

I believe that creating moments and rituals like these increases mindfulness and ultimately puts me in a better mindset. The act of repetition is grounding and keeps me in line with my true sense of purpose. And since I have a busy life (like so many other full-time working moms), I try to make these moments really count. 

The face washing mantra and morning mist rituals are more than just a skincare routine—they’re deliberate, joyful moments that ignite all of my senses. I focus on what the water feels like on my hands and face, what the mist smells like, the sound of my son laughing. The result is that you begin to associate all of these positive emotions with doing something nice for yourself.

Some people think that beauty is superficial, but I believe having these self-nurturing routines actually do make us more joyful. When you connect beautifying rituals to your core emotions and feel that you’re deserving of time and energy—while practicing mindfulness in the process—you’re likely to have more happy moments. And if that’s not enough, at the very least your skin will look great.

Dr. Chopra’s Get-Happy Beauty Hacks

Need an instant burst of positivity? Here are 3 easy ways your beauty products can help:

  • There’s evidence that the act of smiling makes you happier—all the more reason to say cheese and find those cheekbones next time you swipe blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • Looking at bright colors boosts your mood, so fill your shower and shelves with them. I love bold and cheerful packaging—my Murad cleanser always gives me a little boost.
  • Scent matters. I love citrus scented face washes for a small rush of energy.

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